Integral have a process which enables us to formulate the necessary policies, with approval from the management team. This means that we are able to make quick decisions in order to assist all within the business, whilst additionally ensuring that we fully comply with Legislation and our agreed aims.

Corporate social responsibility

The main objective of our CSR programme is to help disadvantaged youngsters into the work place. We are working with charities such as The Princes Trust and Tomorrow’s People where initially we will find work placement opportunities wherever possible.

Very often the youngsters we employ have little or no parental support, and it must be daunting for them to enter the workplace and see their world change around them. Again, I would like to thank our staff for supporting these youngsters and whilst full time employment is not found for everyone, some real young stars have been identified and hopefully will be working with us for many years to come.

Integral are an active member of the Boots/BITC Reducing Re-offending programme. The cost to society of prisoners re-offending is staggering, and we hope in some small way we help ex-prisoners reintegrate back into society and reduce that burden.

Our work with ‘Tools for a Mission’ continues to provide tools and equipment to Third World countries, helping deliver typically water and sanitation projects. We are proud to be associated with this charity for over ten years.

Each of our regional teams are also encouraged to provide help in their own local communities and this support can range from re-building a Scout hut, to providing career guidance and assistance in schools with interview techniques and writing CVs.


Sustainability is at the heart of Integral’s business – helping to secure the future of our own business and applying our deep-rooted experience and technical excellence to support our clients in achieving their sustainability objectives.

Our approach focuses on:

  • Ensuring sustainable best practice within our own organisation – reducing the impact of our operations on the environment and the communities we serve.
  • Building sustainability as an integral part of our services offering.
  • Applying our experience and technical excellence to drive energy efficiency and asset lifecycle optimisation and reduce energy costs within our clients’ portfolios.
  • An inspiration to implementation approach – we excel not only in identifying efficiency opportunities but also in their execution
  • Supporting our clients in achieving their environmental, financial and social commitments.

Integral has practiced sustainability for over two decades – originally just calling it sound engineering, facility or project management.

From energy management to sustainability certification, Integral has been there since the beginning, expanding its knowledge, experience and leading-edge innovations every day.

Today our experienced, Sustainability Service is fully integrated into the Integral delivery platform of our clients’ properties. Since we understand every aspect of our operating portfolios toward both environmental and financial objectives, we can make sure that our strategy actually delivers – and proves it, thus supporting our clients’ sustainability, Return on Investment and social responsibility goals.

As our clients’ trusted advisor, our only interest is a passion to perform and achieve maximum sustainable success, measured on our clients’ terms.

Health & safety

Integral UK specialise in the provision of contracted building and facilities maintenance services to both the public and private sectors, from a network of offices throughout the UK. We are dedicated to providing quality of service and client satisfaction through our commitment to a policy of good practice, whilst continually striving to improve all aspects of occupational health, management and performance.

Each of our employees has a legal obligation to take reasonable care of their own health and safety, and for the health and safety of other people who may be affected by their acts or omissions. At Integral UK, we are committed to ensuring the minimum of H&S risk for our employees, our clients’ employees and for members of the general public who come into contact with us.

As such, all of our H&S experts and operational employees undertake a mandatory Health & Safety induction and all directors, managers and supervisors undertake IOSH Managing Safely training. Integral UK also has extensive experience of managing legislative compliance on behalf of our clients. We can also complete an audit of your systems and equipment to ensure that they are in line with British European Regulations.

We review the current H&S systems in place for every contract we manage, building documentation and an H&S plan which covers all aspects of the works associated with the service delivery.

Quality & environmental management

Rigorous and robust internal auditing procedures for Quality, Environmental Management and Health & Safety (accredited to ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO18001) demonstrate our commitment to providing a high quality, value for money service which supports both your business needs and property strategy.


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