We have always had a strong commitment to contributing positively to society and we continue to take this responsibility very seriously. With the COVID-19 crisis deepening, helping our clients and our communities through these challenging times is core to our commitment to deliver engineering excellence that helps shape the future of real estate for a better world.

There has never been a more important time for us to all pull together, and we intend to play our part in responding with practical solutions.

As part of the JLL family, the Building a Better Tomorrow programme provides us with the framework and experience to be able to step up our commitment quickly and in meaningful ways that will make a real difference now and as this crisis unfolds.

Our five-point engagement plan to step up our response focuses on:

  1. Our people
  2. Our clients
  3. NHS, public and voluntary sectors
  4. Our charity partners
  5. Our suppliers

By addressing the individual needs of these audiences, we believe we can make a collective effort that will have a lasting positive impact. Read on to find out more, contact one of the team or visit the JLL COVID Hub.

Many thanks,
Yash Kapila

Five-point engagement plan - our response to COVID-19

1. Our commitment to our people

The health and wellbeing of our people remains our number one priority. For our engineering workforce and those who are still operating essential buildings, their physical wellbeing is paramount. We’ve provided these teams with the tools and instructions to work safely and keep their distance and have substantially enhanced safety measures in place.

The majority of our support staff are now working remotely and this will remain the case for the foreseeable future. To aid our people’s wellbeing, we have developed a suite of resources to support mental health and stay connected.

We recognise the additional pressure that our working parents and those caring for others are under, and we are encouraging our colleagues to prioritise their parent or carer responsibilities providing them with extra flexibility in the new working environment.

2. Our commitment to supporting our clients through difficult times

We are committed to helping our clients respond to the current crisis, recover and reimagine the future.

In addition, we support our clients in operating responsibly today as well as helping them to plan for a sustainable recovery post crisis. COVID-19 has shown both the fragility and the resilience of society and the ecosystem. Now more than ever, it is our aspiration to support our clients in reimagining a more sustainable, equitable world.

Our focus is also on helping our clients with essential services to maintain business continuity, be resilient and keep their workforces healthy and safe.

3. Our unwavering commitment to the NHS, the public and voluntary sectors

Integral, together with JLL, have been providing real estate and support services to the healthcare, emergency and social care sectors. During the COVID-19 crisis, this continues apace. Integral colleagues are working tirelessly to keep essential services open throughout the UK, including more than 2,500 pharmacies, many community shopping centres and food stores, delivery and logistics centres, council buildings and police and fire service operations.

Integral are a vital part of JLL’s emergency response taskforce, connecting NHS, charity and community needs with clients who have available space or resources, including accommodation, warehouses, parking and personal protective equipment (PPE). Given our national presence in 17 cities and major towns across the UK, we can support in multiple locations. We are matching resources with needs as they come in, have contacted over 20 NHS trusts we work with to provide support, developed a database of available assets to map to NHS needs, and we are offering charity hubs in local shopping centres.

Beyond this, we are leveraging our UK network to support in hotspots. Our teams are playing pivotal roles in the delivery of the emergency Nightingale hospitals. In cities including London and Bristol, we have sourced car-parking, providing NHS staff with free spaces close to their work.

4. Our commitment to our charity partners

We remain are fully committed to our long-term charity partners and our flagship partner Crisis has rapidly adapted its services and established an emergency grants fund to support local groups who are meeting the needs of those experiencing homelessness. We have agreed with Crisis that they can use the funds we raise for them to refocus their services and respond to critical need.

Many of our people are keen to contribute personally and we’re facilitating this through our volunteering programme. We are working with our partners on initiatives such as helping older people in isolation, assisting community organisations with financial, HR and IT support, mentoring students, and more. We are also supporting our people to volunteer for the NHS, responding to the Government’s call to action.

5. Our commitment to our suppliers

We have established a Sourcing & Procurement Emergency Response Team focused on maintaining continuity of critical product supply and services to our clients. This, in turn, enables us to protect the health and well-being of our people, our suppliers’ people and our clients, and ensures that there are contingency plans to respond to changing requirements. We’re also working with those who supply goods and services to our own offices as we continue meet our commitments to them in full.

Contacts and further information

This responsible business statement lays out our overall approach and is updated on a rolling basis. Please do contact us if there is anything we can do to help meet your needs during these unprecedented times.

Key contacts are

  1. For NHS, public and third sector emergency response needs: Peter Mills, Programme Manager – peter.mills@integral.co.uk

  2. For general essential engineering services David.Whiteley@integral.co.uk or fill in the form here https://integral.co.uk/maintenance
  3. For further useful information, please refer to JLL's Covid 19 hub: https://www.jll.co.uk/en/coronavirus-resources