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A walk with a difference

On 22 June Giovanni Maestri Integral Fit Out Projects Lead, Integral client Richard Stevens Head of Construction at Amazon, along with friends and colleagues are walking 20 miles in 8 hours for 2 charities very close to their hearts; Bristol Children’s Hospital Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Appeal, Epilepsy Action alongside the Big Tidy Initiative.

Bristol Children’s Hospital Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Appeal

Earlier in the year, Giovanni and his family welcomed a beautiful baby boy Ludovico. Shortly after his birth, Ludovico required an operation on the critical digestion defect Pyloric Stenosis, which he successfully underwent at the Children’s Hospital in Bristol.

The digestion defect is a narrowing of the passage between the stomach and the small bowel. The uncommon condition sees the pylorus passage muscle becoming thicker than usual and as a result, stops milk or food from reaching the small intestine to be digested.

Giovanni Maestri's son, Ludovico

“We were so amazed and thankful for the love and care that was given by the Children’s A&E department. Within 24 hours of being admitted Ludovico was operated on and successfully treated. He has put on great weight and been given his smile back!”


Epilepsy Action

The Stevens’ world was turned upside down when their son Ralph, 4, suddenly developed severe epilepsy last summer. He still has multiple seizures almost daily but has recently started on the ketogenic diet to try and improve the condition. The family were told by the medical team it is an unpredictable condition and can be very difficult to diagnose and provide treatment for on a long-term basis.

“This last year we have seen Ralph’s condition progress and change whilst being on an emotional rollercoaster. Now we’re working on the ketogenic diet so hope this will help improve Ralph’s condition. We are super grateful for the support groups and the extensive information and guidance provided by Epilepsy Action, we have gained so much vital knowledge from their website.”

Richard Stevens and son Ralph

Both Giovanni and Rich want to raise as much awareness as possible for the charities whilst fundraising to support them to continue doing the incredible work they do. The team are working with the Bristol Big Tidy group and incorporating the initiative into their walk across two counties, to clean up the streets and clear the rubbish. The Big Tidy group is made up of street cleansers, graffiti removal experts, enforcement officers, and community engagement officers. Since its launch in October 2019, the team has deep cleaned over 1,823 streets across the city, removed over 11,000 graffiti tags, and cleared a staggering 815 fly-tips.

If you would like to support Giovanni, Rich and the team on their challenge, please donate via their JustGiving page, all donations are gratefully received.

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