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International Women in Engineering Day 2023

Striving for a more equitable and inclusive industry


The American science fiction writer L. Sprague de Camp once wrote: “The story of civilisation is, in a sense, the story of engineering.” In all its many forms, the discipline is responsible for much of human progress. Engineers build, shape, and maintain our world.

Yet women make up only a small fraction of the total engineering workforce. Things have improved. According to Engineering UK, the number of women in engineering roles increased from 562,000 in 2010 to 936,000 in 2021. Still, this number indicates that there is some way to go before engineering reflects the general population more accurately.

International Women in Engineering Day is celebrating its 10th year in 2023. Formed by the Women’s Engineering Society, it is an opportunity to promote the great work that women engineers do all over the globe and plays a crucial role in encouraging more young women to take up careers in the sector.

As part of this annual celebration, we want to share the perspectives of two women at Integral who are integral to the company, not only demonstrating that engineering is a career open to women but also that a diverse sector that benefits from a broad range of skills and experiences.


Stacey Rollinson, mobile gas engineer and compliance supervisor

I got into engineering through…
I had the opportunity to have a day release to an engineering college attached to the local shipbuilders, during the last two years of school. I grew up fixing boats and engines with my grandad so had always been good with my hands. I enjoyed being in college learning new skills like welding, sheet metal work, and pipework. I was offered an apprenticeship after I left school and that was the start of my engineering career. After completing my apprenticeship, the shipbuilders went through a rough financial patch and, unfortunately, we were made redundant. My mum’s friend was a gas engineer and it had always fascinated me to see him work, he knew of an apprenticeship opening for a gas engineer, so I contacted them. Being female and in a male-dominated role I used to get some stick and hurtful comments. However, that made me even more determined to reach my goals.

The skills of an engineer that people don’t think about include…

Patience is a must, whether that be with tricky jobs, customers, or colleagues. Then there are people skills. Sometimes we are the only people residents see from week to week, and they like company. Logical thinking, taking a step back and starting from the beginning. A boiler isn’t firing —why? Start at the first sequence and work from there, and it will soon come clear why it’s not firing.

The best thing about my job is…

No two days are ever the same. One day I could be fixing a boiler, the next day I could be in a cherry picker servicing a high-level heater. Added to that is my technical gas supervisor’s role. I have 13 engineers whom I supervise — this includes visiting them on-site, carrying out a gas audit, checking through their paperwork, and making sure it’s all correct. Making sure their equipment has been calibrated within the last 12 months, or just being an ear at the end of the phone for advice. My days are so varied, and I love that.

Advice I would I give to other women considering a career as an engineer is…

You are capable of anything you wish, don’t let anyone tell you different. After 17 years as an engineer, I still come across some old-fashioned people who think a woman shouldn’t be in engineering. This just fuels my passion more.

I’m grateful for the training and development I’ve received because…  

As an engineer, we are constantly undergoing training like toolbox talks and changes in standards. Since becoming compliance supervisor in 2021 and now technical gas supervisor I have completed my IOSH managing safely qualification. I am also being trained up to deliver training to engineers within the company and learning how to use Maximo to be able to schedule jobs to engineers and create purchase orders. I would like to complete my NEBOSH qualification in the next few years and possibly move into health and safety within engineering.


Jill Fowler







Jill Fowler, sector transformation director

I ended up at Integral because…

I’ve worked within the real estate/facilities management industry for over 30 years now in a variety of different roles. I’ve always gained the most job satisfaction from an operational role, where you can tangibly see first-hand how the results of your work benefit customers and teams. So, when a contact within my network got in touch to suggest a role with Integral, it was an opportunity too good to pass up.

The best thing about my job is…

The variety – no two days are the same; my current role allows me to work with a wide range of stakeholders, within both JLL and Integral, which gives a spectrum of perspectives, but all with the same positive intent to continuously improve our business. I’ve also had the opportunity to study for a MBA using the Apprenticeship Levy route, running alongside my day-to-day job. The chance to immediately implement learning and see the positive impact continues to energise and motivate me to achieve more.

The support I’ve received in my career has been fantastic because…

It hasn’t always been easy, especially as, while I have layman’s knowledge, I’m not a qualified engineer. However, I’m indebted to several people throughout my career who have recognised that diversity in thinking and skill sets are needed for a high-performing team in addition to technical knowledge.

FM and engineering services can become more inclusive and equitable by…  

I believe the first steps should be asking ourselves why as a business and individuals we want to be inclusive and equitable – whether it be business growth, or on a personal level, to provide better opportunities for the current and next generation to feel happy and fulfilled in the workplace. Once we understand and are committed to those drivers, the actioning should be the easy part.


If you’re thinking about a career in engineering, or generally within the FM industry, please contact us or visit our careers page.

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