Case study

Regional food distribution centre, Exeter

  • Client
  • Services provided Cooling technologies & Refrigeration
  • Sector Logistics & Warehouse

The new regional distribution centre provided our client with over 200,000ft2 of chilled / frozen storage capacity to enhance its logistical capabilities in the region.

The refrigeration solution was based around 3.2MW of chilled and 1MW of freezer storage capacity (inc blast freezing chambers) provided by an ammonia to CO2 cascade plant. With the ammonia confined to the plant room only, CO2 and glycol were used as pumped refrigerants to serve the facility air coolers.

The plant was handed over to the end user in July 2017 and such was the success of the project, Integral has since been awarded with the refrigeration contracts (each with 10 year maintenance agreements) for their next three RDC installations across the UK.

Scope of works:
  • Industrial ammonia / CO2 / glycol refrigeration plant
  • Variable speed reciprocating compressors
  • Evaporative condensers with floating head pressure control
  • Ammonia / CO2 cascade spray cooler
  • CO2 surge drum
  • Pump separator packages with auto oil recovery each including duty standby pumps
  • Air coolers serving a total of 4.2MW (+1°C chill areas; +4°C Fruit and veg; +18°C chocolate storage; -24°C freezer cold store; -28°C blast chambers; +14°C fruit and veg with humidification system)
  • Warm glycol defrost system
  • 1MW heat recovery for heating using waste heat from refrigeration plant
  • Leak detection system
  • Plant room safety equipment and ventilation
  • Remote dial in/out access
  • Commissioning
  • 10 year comprehensive maintenance agreement

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