Case study

Cleaning services for the NSPCC

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  • Services provided Cleaning
  • Sector Retail

Back in 2011 we were approached by our colleagues in M&E, who provided Hard Services to the NSPCC on a National basis, if we could provide cleaning services to one location on a short term basis.

This contract is to provide cleaning services to the agreed schedule to 48 Regional and Service office locations throughout the UK. The full scope of the services provided include: Daily Office Cleaning, Janitors/Housekeeping, Periodic Deep Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Janitorial Supply, Washroom Services, and any other soft services deemed necessary.

The mobilisation of the 33 locations, which were not previously serviced by Integral, was planned to occur over a three month period. However, as a consequence of delays in being provided with the required TUPE data from the incumbent service providers, this mobilisation time was reduced to 4 weeks, in order for Integral to comply with the agreed 1st April start.

“The engineer from Integral was incredibly supportive and fixed the light in super quick time despite the access issues.”

We managed to successfully complete the required employee consultations within this tight allowance and the contract was successfully started within the required timescales.

Integral was also tasked with implementing amendments to the cleaning specification which, in some cases, resulted in a reduction to the cleaning hours delivered. We also agreed with our client that all cleaning operatives should be paid the published Living Wage, this being a benefit to the majority of the cleaning team.

These changes were to be implemented during the first 3 months of the contract, therefore further consultations were undertaken which again needed to be handled sensitively. This was successfully completed.

Scope of works:
  • Service self-delivered and this ensures the NSPCC receive accountability, coherence and a bespoke service geared towards meeting the individual site needs.
  • Consistent achievement of customer KPIs and customer satisfaction
  • Continuous improvement is something we will offer to NSPCC, which will be driven by ourselves and the needs of your staff and customers.
  • Our front line staff are the true ambassadors of Integral which is why we invest our time in delivering customer bespoke training.
  • For NSPCC we offer customer service training, so our staff are helpful, knowledgeable and professional when interacting with your customers.
  • Our 24/7 helpdesk service is utilised to ensure we can respond to any incidents including graffiti removal and sharps removal.
  • Openness and honesty is something that we develop with all our clients, and NSPCC is no exception.

We quickly adopted a strict management control of all consumable and cleaning material supplies in consultation with our client. This was driven by the need to maintain additional costs at a low level, and the fact that on-site storage availability is minimal. We amended our internal processes so as stock purchases are challenged by both our own management and NSPCC Facilities Managers.

Integral has introduced Pictorial Method Statements which have proved to be beneficial in demonstrating to operatives specific cleaning processes. These statements offer guidance on how to complete a task, and the expectation levels required, which is reinforced using photographic images. These are adapted to our clients’ individual requirements.


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