Management Services

uptimeplus is the critical environment management service from Integral UK Ltd. Powered by our revolutionary technology platform galileo; we provide the means for a continuous systematic method of monitoring and trending of critical asset condition.

The New CEM Paradigm

Traditional, fixed-term maintenance plans would mean elements of your critical environment would be left until they failed, or replaced to early - increasing the risks and costs of your operation.

By following the maxim that prevention is better than cure, uptimeplus powered by galileo offers continuous real-time monitoring of your people, processes and technology, whilst supporting an accurate and detailed history of the life cycle of each of your critical assets. By using complex algorithms, we then accurately predict the point of asset failure, which is then incorporated into a bespoke Predictive Planned Maintenance strategy.

galileo checks the 'health' of an asset while it is operating, supported by 41 processes. From the condition based asset data, uptimeplus, using galileo can perform a range of analytical techniques only found within this unique technology. Clients can now as a result, forecast when vital Maintenance should be planned and performed, which means the decision on the maintenance interval is based on asset need and criticality, delivered by an engineering team that works tirelessly to keep your critical operation risk free.

By adopting this technology, Clients are now able to measure operational risk based on the operational status of an asset in real time, delivered to your desk top or mobile solution of choice, using our bespoke reporting graphics.

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