A win for Integral UK at ‘2016 National Grid Property Awards’

The award for ‘Most Sustainable Project’ was jointly presented to Integral, along with Erith and Atkins, at the 2016 National Grid Property Awards. The award is in recognition of the various works carried out to the separators, valves and pipework, the extensive investigation and design elements to develop a durable solution, and the safe and effective implementation of the main refurbishment works carried out during the emergency works, to get the drainage system in the Isle of Grain back up and running.

The National Grid property site at the Isle of Grain, now substantially demolished and partly redeveloped, is a former 1,000 acre BP oil refinery. Integral produced a 119 page report on the condition of the drainage systems put in place back in the 1950s and after finding that the equipment was becoming unreliable; we undertook priority repairs and replacement of equipment as identified in the report to make the drainage systems more robust and reliable.

We designed and engineered a solution to install a below ground isolation valve in difficult conditions, taking into consideration: ground contamination, flammable gas, oil contamination, and ecological constraints. We safely completed significant improvements to the integrity of the Isle of Grain’s industrial drainage systems by not only acting a Principle Contractor but also Principle Designer for the work, obtaining all necessary licences and consent from the Environment Agency and managing all Health and Safety documentation.

Integral sent an expert site Engineer who maintained a good client relationship and trust, the client relied on Integral to carry out works under their own initiative, and in a responsible and timely manner. This resulted in the client not having to become extensively involved in the works, except for their responsibilities under CDM. We always promise to self-deliver engineering excellence, and to achieve this we ensured that the client received weekly detailed reports on the progress of the improvements we were making, giving the client confidence in the works being carried out and being completed to a high standard.

The National Grid’s Regeneration Manager, Sarah Rea, congratulated Integral on their win, ‘This is a fantastic result for you and your team, and is well deserved by all – it is great to see all the hard work being rewarded in this way.’ We are very proud of the award, and grateful to see our efforts being recognised and praised.