ESOS Deadline, are you compliant?

Integral can help thousands of at risk organisations that failed to comply in time for second ESOS deadline

All UK companies with either 250+ members of staff, or a €50m turnover along with an annual balance sheet total in excess of €43m, must adhere to the government established ESOS (Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme) and should have submitted an energy audit by April 21 2016.

Despite an additional 3 months, after an already pushed-back ESOS deadline, 3,000 qualifying organisations still neglected to submit their compliance. After the second deadline date in January, the Environment Agency were notified of 400 organisations’ intent to submit by the ultimate deadline in April, but only 291 endeavoured to do so.

How Integral can help?

  • Integral Uptimeplus can provide you with a Lead Assessor to conduct/review your ESOS energy audits
  • Integral Uptimeplus can undertake the design and implementation of identified energy reduction measures on your behalf.
  • Integral Uptimeplus can pursue funding options to assist with financing the energy saving measures.

Viewable on all web enabled devices, we can provide bespoke Energy Information targeted to achieve your companies energy strategy.

If you are a qualifying company that has not yet submitted an audit, please get in touch; and let us show you ESOS is helpful.

Why is ESOS important?

Whilst providing you with an Energy Audit that identifies savings - that’s a given.

But did you know?

The UK government announced in 2016 that the CRC energy efficiency scheme will be abolished following the 2018-19 compliance year.

This is being replaced by an enhanced CCL tariff structure, which will act as an anchor tax whereby Clients will pay less tax by applying for schemes that demonstrate that they are operating more efficiently and producing less waste, which is  planned to link to your current ESOS programme of work.

As Lead Assessors and experts in this field, we will ensure that any exposure to any increased tax will be underpinned with a working energy strategy which will be developed between our Clients through 2017-2018 to prevent you increasing your liability.

Writing exclusively for edie, the Carbon Trust’s energy consultant David Tobin claimed that, ‘The average cost reduction achievable through the implementation of energy saving opportunities identified by ESOS audits stood at 20%’. Meaning that businesses with an average energy spend could be in line for annual savings of around £360,000.

Failure to comply with ESOS can result in full public disclosure, along with a £50,000 fine and up to £500 for each working day the organisation remains in breach for a maximum of 80 days.

The government are still insisting that they do not want to fine, and would rather just receive compliance to the opportunity. Although the deadline has passed, it is not too late to submit your energy audit avoid penalties. Save your company time, money, and energy by contacting Integral Uptimeplus.

Contact today to discuss your first steps to ESOS compliance & speak to one of our national team of ESOS Lead Assessors!

Andrew Dutton

Andrew Dutton, Critical Environment Director, Authorising Engineer and ESOS Assessor.