Fire Detection & Alarm System Replacement Project

When Integral Fire originally became involved in supporting the fire systems at an historic building near Chancery Lane, we carried out an audit which swiftly identified the system was woefully inadequate and unfit for purpose. Upon further investigation works, we discovered the ad-hoc changes that had been implemented over the years had been executed in a way that compromised the overall integrity, design and efficiency of the fire detection system.

In short, the fundamental flaws within the design and modification of the systems, were potentially catastrophic, had there been a serious fire event.

Integral Fire then worked closely with the client to redesign the entire fire scheme, proposing a robust, technologically advanced and efficient system, far superior to the one in situ. Our proposal was fully adopted and we are now delighted to have successfully completed a total overhaul of the buildings’ fire detection & alarm system. The newly installed equipment provides stability and reliability, greatly reducing the false alarms of the past.

Fire detection MXPro5

The state of the art, Advanced MxPro5 18 panel network, features a modern graphical front-end system situated within the security control room. This provides users with an easy to manage, visual representation of the fire alarm system, giving complete clarity to day to day isolation/disablement management and any fire events. This accurate and clear information allows the onsite team to manage their complex system with confidence.

A prominent public enquiry committee hold their hearings within this building complex, which made the project particularly poignant and further emphasised the critical importance of providing a stable and reliable fire detection system.

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