Integral fabric engineer wins Lightfoot 'Driver of the Month'

Congratulations to fabric engineer Nicholas Daley, who was recently awarded Lightfoot’s ‘Driver of the Month’ prize. He was chosen at random from 10,197 drivers across all fleets that have Lightfoot (such as Virgin Media, Sovini, South West Water and CEF) who had achieved or exceeded their company set KPI’s to become ‘elite’ drivers. Integral joined many other national brands by introducing Lightfoot technology to coach safer smoother driving habits that help drivers use less fuel, reduce harmful emissions and stay safe every time they drive.

And because better driving is good for all of us, Lightfoot rewards its drivers with loads of additional goodies like discounts, prizes, cash giveaways and more.

Nick was awarded a £50 Amazon voucher and says: "It took me a while to adapt to Lightfoot, but now you can see a difference in my fuel consumption and driving style. I am definitely more light-footed!"