Integral Hero Averts Tragedy

While on a recent job at Bridgwater Station in Somerset, Integral Projects Engineer, Pete Godwin noticed a woman at the end of the platform slope. It would have been easy to overlook, yet Pete went over, asked if she was OK and pointed out that she was close to a fast line. On receiving little response other than a shrug, he quickly became concerned, realising that this was a potential tragedy in the making.

Without hesitation, Pete ran to the signal telephone, asked the signaller to stop the trains on both lines and then called police, while colleagues Mike Britton and Alex Spear tried to engage the woman in conversation.Integral Heroes

Pete explains; “We were pretty calm under the circumstances. The PTS training we do to work in this environment takes you through making an emergency call and that proved crucial in this instance.”

The Police arrived almost immediately to escort the woman away, but as they approached, she stood up and walked straight onto the line, proving that Pete was right to have acted swiftly. Thanks to his pre-emptive behaviour, not only did he save a woman’s life, he prevented her friends and family from suffering a terrible loss, saved a train driver from being traumatised and avoided an incident that would have affected thousands of GWR rail passengers.

Stephen Carpenter, GWR Senior Facilities Manager, said:

“Pete’s work saved this woman’s life, and it is an example to all of us how our actions can have a huge impact on others. Working together with contractors, we are all responsible for making the railways a safer place.”

John Sullivan, Projects Manager at Integral adds:

“Integral’s four core values are focus, accountability, consideration and excellence, and Pete, Mike and Alex certainly lived up to those values in dealing with this life-threatening situation. We proudly congratulate them on their quick thinking and exemplary behaviour.”