Integral take swift action to help biodiversity

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) is an amalgamation of three organisations in Wales; the Environment Agency; Forestry Commission and the Countryside Council. They have been an Integral client since their formation in 2012 and as part of our M&E, Fabric, and specialist works contract, we recently arranged a cherry picker to clean gutters and carry out repairs at their Bangor office.

We’re always looking to help our clients achieve their goals, so when we learned that the NRW biodiversity team were hoping to install nine bat and swift boxes to protect these declining species, we were more than happy to help.

Our Small Works Supervisor, Nigel Thomas, immediately worked with mobile engineer Stephen Freeman and the NRW team, to take advantage of the window of opportunity that having the cherry picker onsite presented.

Swifts are remarkable birds, able to fly for up to 10 months without landing and travel on average 500 miles per day, at speeds close to 70 mph. However number have halved in recent years, partly due to a lack of nesting sites. Swifts prefer the high eaves and cavities of old buildings, often using the same sites for many decades, but as buildings change use or get renovated, many traditional sites have been lost and new buildings rarely offer the same features.

Two of the newly installed boxes contain speakers able to play swift calls after dawn and before dusk, to hopefully alert prospecting swifts and lure them to this new potential nesting site.

What’s more, the boxes are also suitable for bats, which are currently protected by law due to climate change and similar loss of habitat.

Natural Resources Wales commented:

“Many thanks for helping get our swift boxes up at the weekend. Our biodiversity staff were impressed with your guys and their interest and enthusiasm in the project.”

Bird Boxes