Integral UK retains Van Excellence accreditation for a third year

Developed by the FTA in 2010, Van Excellence is ‘designed to be both aspiration and inspiration. It is industry-conceived and industry-led’ and therefore a credible and independent guarantee that an organisation’s van fleet is working to the best possible standards. Integral first achieved the certification in 2014, and have managed to retain it every year since.

Van Excellence primarily aims to:

  • Raise standards within the industry
  • Improve the perception of vans and light commercial vehicles
  • Enhance the reputation of organisations operating van fleets

To gain accreditation, our van operation had to undergo an independent assessment by FTA’s auditors to examine our procedures in relation to each element of our procedures in each element of Van Excellence’s fundamental code. Integral are dedicated to visibly demonstrating to our employees, customers, potential customers, and the wider public population that we are a responsible company that works to a high standard of operational ethics.

Van Excellence describes the following benefits for members:

  • It leads to carbon reduction through better fleet utilisation
  • Provides a forum within which fleet managers can share and learn from best practice
  • Drivers become more attentive, take ownership of their vehicle responsibilities, and take pride in the ‘Van Excellence’ sticker.
  • Members are asking for and creating products which have value for the LCV community, such as the Driver Certificate of Competence course, and which raise the profile of safe driving, such as the Driver of the Year competition

With 1,834 Integral vehicles currently on the road, and our proud accolade of the largest fleet in the industry, it was important to gain the certification to ensure that we are operating on the road to FTA safety standards; it also gives us recognition within the industry, and a peace of mind in the legal compliance of our fleet. The acknowledgement provides us, our clients, and other road users with confidence that we are operating with the upmost efficiency and security.

Van Fleet World Editor Dan Gilkes said;

‘FTA’s Van Excellence initiative is a beacon of professionalism for the van business…The works that the Van Excellence teams puts in is benefitting all van operators, whether members or not, and that should be appreciated.’

Rory Morgan, chair of the Van Excellence governance committee, trusts that the accreditation ‘will save money and, far more importantly, I believe it may save lives.’ With 1,500+ mobile engineers on the road covering 43.5 million miles a year, road safety is crucial. Our fleet manager, Keith Abell, addresses the causes of any driver incident, also looking at the drivers who have the highest mileage every month and offering training to try and prevent incidents happening in the first place.

FTA estimates 3.4 million vans on the road in all working sectors, from retail to vehicle repair and parts, and urges all small fleets to also aim for the stamp of approval. Integral was the 70th Fleet operator to achieve the certification with currently 110 operators accredited.

With larger, well-known companies gaining the acknowledgement and displaying their Van Excellence proudly on their vehicles, it creates a strong, auditable standard for all fleets, big and small, to aim towards through encouragement, modelling and recommendation. The more fleets with the credence, the safer our roads become.