Keep on running...

Adam Mason works in the Bristol Helpdesk and is currently in training for the London Marathon in April, where he is the only official Integral runner. Adam first took up running just four months before volunteering for this 26.2 mile challenge, with the original aim to ‘get fit or die trying’.

The offer of a marathon place came with a charity sponsorship commitment of £2,000, funds that are earmarked for our official charity Crisis. It is this target that has spurred Adam to push himself further and keep lacing up those running shoes.

Since having his place confirmed in September 2018, Adam has been training three times a week, which equates to around 45 hours and 270 miles so far. He was delighted to hit a personal milestone before Christmas, achieving fourteen miles in two hours, twenty minutes. What’s more, since he started learning how to run back in May, Adam has lost around two and half stone.

He says:

“The most important thing I’ve learned is that running, training, and losing weight is not so much about willpower or motivation. Rather, it’s almost entirely discipline. I now keep running because I want to, not because I have to. I’m also adding lots of extra leg workouts into my exercise routines to help build strength in my knees. Seems to be working so far!”

Adam has had plenty of support from his Integral Helpdesk and Bristol colleagues, who have to date, raised over £400. Plus under Integral’s ‘matched funding’ charity policy, we support employees with up to £250 of funding annually, which will also serve to boost his total. However, Adam needs everyone to get behind the cause if he is to achieve his £2000 target and help the homeless. Please do show your support by visiting his fund raising page and donating to help Crisis - every penny counts.

As well as the countdown to the marathon, Adam is also counting down to another big day - his wedding – and hopes to retain his new streamlined figure until then!

Keep up the great work Adam – we’re all rooting for you!

Adam Mason picture