Safety supernova results in perfect 100% score

Congratulations to the Integral Project team working on the Canaveral 3 Project for Rolls Royce in Filton, Bristol. They are the first project for both Integral Build and Integral Building Services to achieve a remarkable 100% score on a Health and Safety Audit carried out by Integral Health and Safety Advisor Scott Hill.

This is no mean feat, with the H&S Audit scoring system demanding that each of the 44 sections must achieve a score of 4/4 denoting that they have gone above and beyond the legal standard expected for the works involved.

Even more impressive is the fact that this is a highly complex and unique scope of works, taking place in a live environment and features high risk activities such as working at height and confined spaces.

Both Frankie Corrado (Resident H&S Advisor) and Lee Berry (Project Manager) attribute their success to strict coordination and control, with all Risk Assessments and Method Statements vetted up to 4 times before being signed off. They also praised the high quality of the management team and the appointed sub-contractors. Everyone supports each other, despite being split into sub teams to manage different areas on site.

This perfectly reflects the upcoming Global Safety Week theme of ‘We’re In It Together’ with everyone involved supporting each other effectively and managing the day to day risks. Drawing on their combined knowledge and skill sets has resulted in a ‘supernova’ of health and safety expertise which has clearly paid dividends throughout the project.

All Site Managers ensure that the busiest works within the project are well supported at all times, and the addition of a Resident H&S Advisor has ensured that all sub-contractors (of which there are 60) raised their game to comply with the Integral team’s high expectations, resulting in an extremely low incident and accident rate.

Everyone involved with this highly technical project has played an important role in ensuring that it is being delivered in the safest way, and the ‘One Team’ attitude is a shining example to all of our projects of how working together achieves the very best result.

Congratulations to the entire Canaveral 3 team in Bristol!