A holistic approach to re-entering the workplace

As the world adjusts to the unprecedented threat posed by COVID 19, the UK Government has taken the decision to apply greater controls over fulfilling social distancing and preventing transmission of the virus. As a result, normal operations, travel, communication and day to day living have had to rapidly change.

This journey starts with ensuring that buildings and facilities are technically fit for re-entry, but will continue with re-imagining the way we utilise technology and adapt our ways of working to provide safe, sustainable, resilient and productive workplaces where people and businesses can thrive.

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Today, it's also increasingly important to control costs.

By working with Integral you can take a comprehensive view of your building operations and maintenance requirements, as well as drawing on the property advisory services of JLL’s global real estate experts. This allows us to support you with an integrated plan that streamlines your re-entry operations and significantly reduce costs in future.

How we can help

From safety, compliance and risk inspections, technical mechanical and electrical engineering and continuity planning, to facility mothballing, remote monitoring, energy cost control, small works, projects, cleaning and more, we have a host of expertise ready to solve your challenges.

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