Why Berkeley Controls

Inefficient building services cost businesses time and money. Through the use of our leading-edge technology, Integral can help you monitor and improve the efficiency of your building through creating an efficient building energy management system (BEMS). Not only will the system improve service functionality, but it will also generate tangible savings and aid you in reducing your energy consumption.

Our intelligent BEMS will provide you with a central point at which everything from lighting and ventilation, to door security systems, can be controlled with ease. The system will also provide you with real time access to all of your building services, meaning energy wastage can be quickly identified and reduced.

We have a team of skilled engineers throughout the UK who will design you a tailor-made BEMS to suit your individual requirements and needs. Our engineers will install the system with minimum disruption to your operations and monitor all services in the long term, maintaining optimum performance.

Your BEMS will be monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by our expert engineers based at our central hub in Leicester. More often than not we’ll identify and rectify any problems remotely before you’re even aware there is one. On the rare occasion a site visit is required, we can guarantee a rapid response.

Integral will provide you with a BEMS that improves both the working environment and reduces your building running costs. We can guarantee our systems will provide you with excellent results, and in turn complete peace of mind that your building is running as efficiently as possible.

How can we help you?

We understand that choosing and using a new BEMS can be a challenge, which is why our expert engineers are on hand to guide you through the process. Whether your project is £5k or £5m, we take a turnkey approach that ensures a smooth transition through every aspect of each project:

That means we are one of the experienced BeMS and Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system integrators covering the whole of the UK,

Our sector experience includes; critical environments, retail, defence, galleries , pharmaceutical, commercial offices, healthcare, data centres, financial services and government organisations.

Business survey

We will work closely with you to ensure we gain a full understanding of your needs. Whatever the size or type of the business, we can develop a bespoke BEMS solution that will fully meet your unique business requirements and objectives.

Project design

Once our engineers have established your requirements, we will design a BEMS that will track the performance of all building services whilst ensuring maximum efficiency.

Integral has relationships with many manufacturers, meaning we are always able to provide our clients with the right BEMS which will generate the best return on investment.

We deliver our projects direct to the end client or via our in house team, specialist consultants or main contractors appointed by the client.

System installation

Integral’s engineers are trained to install and commission every type of BEMS, from traditional analogue to the very latest wireless systems. Wireless BEMS are quick and non-intrusive to setup and commission, so our team can have the system up and running during normal office hours.

Programme control

Every BEMS that we install is connected to our central hub, where our dedicated engineers monitor and optimise each building’s performance 24/7. We provide ongoing system management and technical support from the hub, ensuring our clients benefit from sustained energy savings without having to give their BEMS a moment’s thought.

Performance tracking

Our BEMS are also able to carry out various performance tests and audits, including metering, carbon reporting and energy surveys. As well as helping our team optimise building service performance, this data can also be used by clients to demonstrate their systems meet health and safety legislation and insurance requirements.

Analysis and optimisation

After analysing the performance data generated by each BEMS, Integral engineers can undertake remote work to fine tune services and increase a building’s efficiency. According to your requirements, we can also use this data to devise and manage targeted initiatives that will further reduce energy consumption.

Maintenance and support

With a team of experienced engineers working around the clock at our central hub, we can provide you with quick and convenient remote BEMS maintenance and support. On the rare occasion that a site visit is required, we quickly deploy a qualified local engineer to complete the job.

By keeping track of each client’s BEMS at the hub, our engineers are also able to schedule planned maintenance, such as replacing lighting and HVAC filters, which reduces emergency call out times by 50% on average.


Every BEMS we install saves our clients time, money and aids in reducing their energy consumption. Each system generates live data that provides tangible results of the savings made. Typically we aid our clients in reducing their energy consumption by between 15% and 35% each year. That soon adds up to a greater return on investment for our clients.

For any sales enquiry: t.marsh@berkeleycontrolsuk.com


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