Our maintenance approach defined

An approach to maintenance, that combines Reactive, Preventive, Predictive practices and strategies to maximise the life-time and availability of a particular asset.

galileo has been developed by uptimeplus to provide a matchless maintenance interactive platform that allows us to deliver a maintenance strategy, based on reducing, consequence and cost of failure, using the latest technology and tools, which have been developed to support our ongoing Reliability based Maintenance programme.

From the condition based asset data, uptimeplus, using galileo can perform a range of analytical techniques only found within this unique technology. Clients can now as a result, forecast when vital Maintenance should be planned and performed, which means the decision on the maintenance interval is based on asset need and criticality, delivered by an engineering team that works tirelessly to keep your critical operation risk free.By adopting this technology, Clients are now able to measure operational risk based on the operational status of an asset in real time, delivered to your desk top or mobile solution of choice, using our bespoke reporting graphics.

Predictive tools play a vital role within our maintenance delivery programme as do our team; to achieve this, within the uptimeplus predictive care suite, each technique has been chosen to provide specific assets with improvements in reliability, supported by engineers that have been fully trained for that task.

uptimeplus continues to demonstrate significant economic benefits, achieved through long term changes or improvement of existing maintenance practice or procedures, and provides an opportunity to completely eliminate some type of asset failure.

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Spiral Service, Maintenance & Retrofit
June 2018
Spiral Service, Maintenance & Retrofit
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Integral Industrial Refrigeration & HVAC