The destructive potential of fire demands that fire protection and detection systems be 100% effective at all times, not only at project completion but for as long as the building is in use.

For this reason, we remain closely involved with our clients to ensure that service and maintenance continues for the lifespan of the building and that our systems maintain their capability to detect and protect. By taking responsibility for the ongoing efficiency of our installed systems, we bring peace of mind to our clients, and the assurance that both people who use their buildings and the valuable assets contained within them, are fully protected.

Our service and maintenance clients include:

  • Westfield Stratford
  • Tesco (568 Stores)
  • Sainsburys (280 Stores)
  • B&Q (275 Stores)
  • Home Retail (236 stores)
  • Aston Martin & Mclaren

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Spiral Service, Maintenance & Retrofit
June 2018
Spiral Service, Maintenance & Retrofit
Integral Industrial Refrigeration & HVAC
March 2018
Integral Industrial Refrigeration & HVAC