The quality of our service is inextricably linked to the quality of our people. This applies throughout our business, but particularly to the vital area of installation and testing, on which the operational efficiency of our protection and detection equipment totally depends.

Our commitment to maintaining the highest levels of expertise among our employees is demonstrated by our investment in staff training and development at all levels. We employ the best technical and project staff in the UK, which is why we consistently honour our commitments, keep our promises and complete projects on time and on budget.

  • Continuous training and development of our employees
  • Commitment to future skills provision through our apprenticeship programme
  • Constant updating of technical skills and awareness of technological developments
  • Close supervision and control by project managers of all aspects of installation and maintenance, down to the finest detail
  • Quality standards maintained, include: accredited by Loss Prevention Council to LPS 1048, LPS 1014, LPS 1204 and BS EN ISO 9001
  • Recipients of various contractor & industry awards

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Spiral Service, Maintenance & Retrofit
June 2018
Spiral Service, Maintenance & Retrofit
Integral Industrial Refrigeration & HVAC
March 2018
Integral Industrial Refrigeration & HVAC