Integral’s critical environment management team, Uptimeplus, has developed a revolutionary technology platform to provide a systematic method of monitoring and trending critical asset condition.

It provides a detailed history of the asset lifecycle, through which can accurately predict the point of asset failure and determine a bespoke predictive planned maintenance strategy that maximises system resilience and asset value.

The uptimeplus solution allows us to deliver a maintenance strategy based on reducing consequence and cost of failure, using the latest technology and tools developed to support our ongoing reliability-based maintenance programme.

Predictive tools play a vital role within our maintenance delivery programme; to achieve this, within the Uptimeplus predictive care suite, each technique has been chosen to provide specific assets with improvements in reliability, supported by engineers that have been fully trained for that task.

Diagnostic data is gathered by the uptimeplus team from a combination of tools which include vibration analysis, thermal imaging, Ultrasonics and full Tribology. It is uploaded to the uptimeplus software platform and run through a series of complex algorithms, which our engineers can interpret to accurately predict the health of mission-critical assets, including early warning of equipment approaching out of limit condition.

uptimeplus’s unique lifecycle repair and replacement strategy is based on the predicted life, condition, age and criticality of the equipment – providing benefit both in terms of improved resilience and cost of ownership. This predictive capability allows a schedule of maintenance to be applied flexibly by fully trained staff, thus reducing reactive tasks to a minimum, and then, only being undertaken when resilience can be assured.

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Spiral Service, Maintenance & Retrofit
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