Through our regional and national projects teams Integral offer substantial in-house project capability, ranging from minor works, to M&E installations, fabric and interiors to major turnkey projects.

By utilising our own resources we have control of the quality and timeframe of the projects to ensure value for our clients.

We pride ourselves on providing a first class project management and installation service meeting agreed program timescales to ensure delivery of finished products to client specifications.

Mechanical and Electrical Installations

Mechanical, electrical and air-conditioning installation projects are a core competence of Integral. Our strength lies in our experience of such projects and our self-delivery capability. Using our in-house capability we are able to offer turnkey project solutions, from concept through design, management, delivery and commissioning.

Complex, Higher Value Projects

These works would fall under the management of our dedicated national project team and will generally require compliance to the CDM Regulations and we undertake all of the compliance requirements including welfare, site security etc.

We will generally work to a formal specification with design drawings, bills of quantities etc. and provide full operating and maintenance manuals with record drawings on completion of works. We will agree a stage payment application process based on measured and audited stages of works.

Minor Projects

All our regional offices have the capability to deliver minor projects. This ensures that our clients have local delivery capability coupled with self-delivery capability from both management and engineering. Within the branches we have core delivery teams of Project managers, supervisors and tradespersons to undertake the works. These are supplemented to a very limited extent by subcontractors who have been working with Integral for many years, are trusted and have full understanding of our requirements, operating procedures and the standards we expect.

Smaller projects up to £50,000 are generally undertaken through regional project teams based throughout the UK, whilst more complex, higher value projects are managed and undertaken by Integral’s major projects team.

Property Divestments

Property divestments and moves are frequent occurrences and we regularly work with managing agents or property owners on properties that are being closed and awaiting sale or re-let. In such circumstances Integral continues to be responsible for ensuring the vacant property is compliant and secure. If property closures are the responsibility of the client we work with the client to clarify what tasks are required, including shutting down assets, draining down heating etc. and will assume a caretaker role. We will also liaise with our PPM planners and financial team to adjust the status of the property on PPM programmes and associated financial impacts.

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Spiral Service, Maintenance & Retrofit
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